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Strategy & counseling

What message is to be told, and how?
We help you find the right format to meet your goals

Idea & Concept

Based on your specific goals, we develop suggestions for content and format.


We have a long and broad experience in all fields of film production: From drama and documentaries to animation and motion graphics.

Clients we work with

Selected projects

Suntarbetsliv - Arbetsmiljöutbildningen 2.0
Information & learning
Prevent – OSA-kampanj
Opinionsbildning, Reklamfilm
Suntarbetsliv – Friskfaktorlabbet
Information & learning
Förändring – Alltid kul, enkelt och motiverande!
Information & utbildning, Opinionsbildning
MyCamper - Your ride to adventure
Prevent 80 years
Information & learning
Zero tolerance for bullying - #chillamedorden "At the Cinema"
Advocacy films
Prevent – Learning in many ways
Suntarbetsliv – SAM-verkstan
Information & learning
Zero tolerance for bullying – #Chillamedorden "On the town"
Advocacy films
Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.
Robert McKee
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