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About us

Our mission

We set thoughts in motion

We do so by telling stories that inspire and engage people.

Often in the for of film och rörligt innehåll that we create together with companies and organizations.

What we do
Our story
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What we do
Pophunters consists of producers and creatives with a long experience from motion media production.

Since the start in 2012 we've successfully carried out hundreds of projects for clients in many different industries, both big and small companies and organizations.

We help our clients with the whole chain from needs analysis and idea generation to production and distribution of the final result.

No matter what your goals are – to educate, market or drive opinion – we are here to help you.

Each project implies different challenges. That's why we work with a broad network of freelancers and short term employees.

We want to be a long term sustainable business. To us, a big part of that is to offer good terms and conditions to everyone we work with – no matter if you're a freelancer or an employee.

That's why we've chosen to sign an agreement with the swedish union "Unionen" and "Scen & Film".

Our story
We started out as a creative collective with our roots in skate-culture.

In the start of the 00's Pophunters was a creative collective making skate- and snowboardfilms.

The word "pop" is a term for style. We were hunting the riders who had the best pop with our cameras. Hence the name Pophunters.

Idag gör vi helt andra saker, men kärleken till filmmediet består.

Work with us
We are always looking for new talents!

Right now we're not looking to hire any full time employees, but we are always interested to get in contact with new talents. Feel free to send us an email with your portfolio and contact details.

Please observe that we occasionally receive a large amount of spontaneous applications and so we don't always have time to reply to everyone.

We who work at Pophunters