Covid-safe projects and productions

Covid-safe projects and productions

The last year has, to say the least, been different for most of us. Of course, at Pophunters the pandemic has lead to certain changes.

Like most businesses, we constantly follow how things are developing, and adjust our business to the current restrictions and recommendations. For you as a client, that means the following:

  1. All our meetings are now digital. That means you can work with us without having to travel or meet in person.
  2. We have both competence and experience from executing “covid-safe” filmshoots. We continuously do risk assessments and make action plats to prevent infection, as well as follow the general recommendations produced by central parties, derived from the current government guidelines.

In other words, we take full responsibility to continue our operations during the pandemic in a safe way. So feel free to contact us just as usual!

Pophunters awarded Best Advocacy Film @ the Publishing Awards

Pophunters has won the Publishing Award for the film “Kränkande Särbehandling” (Victimization) in the category Advocacy films.

The Jury’s motivation was: “for a concrete film with careful set design and great styling”.

The film, which is produced for Suntarbetsliv, is a dramatized depiction of how victimization can manifest in the workplace. The film, together with several other films, is a part of Suntarbetsliv’s digital tool OSA-kollen, which provides support for managers and safety officers in the Swedish public sector to work with the organizational and social work environment.

We at Pophunters are very proud and happy for this award and would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this film.

The film can be seen in it’s entirety below.

Pophunters VD Petter Schanche och Petra Falk från Aktiv Skola tar emot priset för Sveriges Bästa Beställningsfilm 2018

Pophunters awarded Corporate Film of the Year

The 6th of september, Pophunters Film & TV received the award for Corporate Film of the Year. The award was received during a banquet at Örebro Concert Hall in Sweden. The award is organized by the Swedish Media Festival.

The motivation of the jury was: “All nominees for the Swedish Media Festival Grand Award are of a very high standard. Strong stories that attract interest, and a great film craft, says Jan Svensson, the chairman of the jury. Pophunters Film & TV are truly worthy winners and it stands proof that Swedish corporate films are still on top!”

The film that was awarded with the Grand Award was “I Think I Have A Crush On You”, a short film about Grooming. The film is produced for the Foundation Aktiv Skola, and is being distributed free of charge together with a teacher’s guide to all swedish schools. The film, with a running time of 9 minutes, shortly after launch spread virally on YouTube, where it currently has over 5.000.000 views amongst a young audience.

The same film was also awarded Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Educational film as well as a nomination for Best Target Group Adaption. Other films by Pophunters that received awards were the films for Uppsala (Best Tourism Film) and the film Ahmed & Marcus (Silver in Educational Films).

Film agency and client holding up all awards received at the Swedish Media FestivalsAbove: All awards received for the winning film. From the left: Niklas Falk (CEO Aktiv Skola), Petra Falk (HR Manager Aktiv Skola), Petter Schanche (CEO Pophunters), Maria Beigrund (Pophunters), Anna Jarstig (Aktiv Skola), Simon Johansson (Aktiv Skola), Josefin Varg (Aktiv Skola).

TEAM: I Think I Have A Crush On You
Director Maria Eriksson-Hecht
Script by Maria Eriksson-Hecht and Pelle Rådström
DoP: Sebastian Danneborn
Main actor: Inez Torhaug

Top image from the left: Petter Schanche, CEO Pophunters Film & TV – Petra Falk, HR Manager Aktiv Skola – Jan Svensson, chairman of the jury.

Pophunters nominated 5 times for “Publishingpriset”!

Yesterday we received amazing news! Five of our films has been nominated to participate in this year’s final of “Publishingpriset”!

“Publishingpriset” is a communication competition for films, websites, papers etc, judged by a jury. The competition was founded in 1990 and this year’s final will be held on the 7thof November.

 The following films are in the final:

“Under ytan” (underneath the surface) made for Diskrimineringsombudsmannen

“Ahmed and Markus” produced for Stiftelsen Aktiv Skola

“Revolution” produced for Stiftelsen Aktiv Skola

“I Think I Have a Crush on You” produced for Stiftelsen Aktiv Skola

“Bristande tillgänglighet” (Poor accessibility) produced for Diskrimineringsombudsmannen

We are so proud and happy and would like to thank our clients, directors, actors, team and extras!

Our film about Grooming awarded GRAND AWARD @ WMF

Our film “I think I have a crush on you” has been awarded a GRAND AWARD at World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany. A Grand Award means that the jury has found the film to be the best of all Educational films submitted this year.

The World Media Festival is an international media festival – the only festival of it’s kind in Europe – receiving entries from all around the globe.

The film, that we’ve produced for the foundation Aktiv Skola (Active Schools), depicts Nadja, a young girl being exposed to Grooming (sexual harassment and abuse) on the web. The film is distributed for free to all Swedish schools, together with a teacher’s guide with the purpose of preventing Grooming.

The film is directed by Maria Eriksson-Hecht, script written by Maria Eriksson-Hecht and Pelle Rådström.

Gold and silver @ World Media Festival

Three films produced by Pophunters have won awards at this year’s World Media Festival in Hamburg.

The WorldMediaFestival is a global competition for communications media. It is the forum for leading communications professionals from around the world and also the only forum of its kind in Europe.

The films which have won awards are:

“I think I have a crush on you” – GOLD AWARD in the category Education: Middle School
An educational film about Grooming for the Foundation Active Schools.
Just recently, this film went viral among Swedish teenagers, reaching 400K views and thousands of comments on Youtube within a few days.

“Ahmed & Markus” – SILVER AWARD in the category Education: Middle School
An educational film about bullying for the Foundation Active Schools.

“Ascom Telligence” – SILVER AWARD in the category Sales Presentations
A film showcasing features and benefits of the Ascom Telligence System.

The awards are formally presented at a gala dinner in Hamburg at May 16th.
Winning a gold award, the film “I Think I Have A Crush On You” is also nominated for a GRAND AWARD and the GRAND PRIX-AWARD. The winner will also be announced at May 16th.

Our film about Grooming selected for Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival

Our film “I think I have a crush on you” has been selected to compete in the category “Best Youth Film” at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France. The festival is the world’s largest short film festival, attracts over 160.000 visitors every year.

The film, that we’ve produced for the foundation Aktiv Skola (Active Schools), depicts Nadja, a young girl being exposed to Grooming on the web. The film is distributed for free to all Swedish schools, together with a teacher’s guide with the purpose of preventing Grooming.

The festival takes place 2-10th of February 2018. The film is directed by Maria Eriksson-Hecht.

“Ahmed och Markus” premiere at Göteborg Film Festival 2018

Göteborg Film Festival opened at the 26th of January. With more than 160 000 visitors each year this festival is known as the biggest film festival in Scandinavia.

Our film “Ahmed and Markus”, produced for the foundation Aktiv skola, had its opening night at the festival. The film is about bullying, and is distributed for free to all Swedish schools together with a teacher’s guide. The main goal is to make the audience understand the complexity behind every case. Bullying often has more than one victim. By showing both sides of the story this film aims to facilitate a constructive discussion.

We are proud and happy this film opened at Göteborg Film Festival. “Ahmed and Markus” will also be shown at schools all around Sweden together with basis for discussion created by Aktiv Skola.

The film is produced by Pophunters Film and TV and directed by Maria Eriksson-Hecht.

We’re finalists at the Swedish Publishing Awards

Our film “About Sally”, produced for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundations, has been nominated to the Swedish Publishing Awards. The winner will be announced at a gala in Stockholm november 14th.

The film is produced for Barncancerfonden (the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation) with the purpose of showcasing their activities through the eyes of a survivor. In the film, we meet Sally, who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 7. Through her, her family’s and teacher’s stories, we learn how Barncancerfonden’s activities help make lives better for the children and their families.

The Swedish Publishing Award, which is an organization completely independent from other industry organizations, is a comprehensive communications competition. It involves most of the established forms of communication. The jury judges all aspects of the entry – not just individual aspects such as design i.e. For a message to reach through, so much more is needed. That’s why the jury also look at textual content, visual content and – depending on the type of entry – direction (film), physical execution (print) and utility (websites). Our film is one of the six finalists in the category: Inspirational films, long.

The film was just recently announced to be one of the winners at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award. It has won the Special Hand-in-hand Award at World Media Festival, as well as several other awards from international film festivals such as US. Internationa Film & Video Festival, Telly Awards, Communicator Awards and World Media Festival.

Our film “About Sally” screened in Tokyo in November

Our film “About Sally” for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation will be screened in Tokyo in November. This annual event organised by the Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers is an international showcase for Best of Corporate Film from around the world.

The film has received international attention after winning awards from World Media Festival, Telly Awards, US. International Film & Video Festival and Creativity Awards.

We’re honoured and very thankful to Barncancerfonden, Sally and her family and friends for letting us tell your story and bringing their important message to audiences all over the world.